The most hipster street in Zagreb

Or as we would have said only a few years ago: the coolest street in Zagreb.
But if by being a hipster you mean dogs, bikes, nice coffee places, wine bars and organic food, there you have it. Add the most acclaimed cake shop in this part of Croatia, a bookstore/coffeehouse that’s been like a public living room to Zagreb’s free-spirited intellectuals AND three shops with gourmet products, that just nails it. As a bonus point, it ends at one of the best farmers’ markets in Zagreb, Kvatrić.

Martićeva Street may not be the prettiest street in downtown Zagreb, and it’s changing daily, but it definitely isn’t a place where you go to buy light bulbs or car parts any more, as it was not so many years ago. Even I remember that, and I’m not that old! Nowadays, it’s a place where you can enjoy all the perks of modern urban life, especially if you’re leading a hedonistic one. Fine wines, cakes, local products, cool and cozy cafes, enough said!

We’ll start with a bar. Mojo, wine bar, rakija & co. redefined the stuck up reputation wine bars had in Zagreb (most of them still do). There’s no place for wine snobism here. Young crew ready to party every night of the week, concerts, DJ sets, open air sessions, this is what Mojo is all about. Their energy is great, the wine list affordable, and selection of rakijas huge. Great atmosphere, relaxed people, good music. Be sure to check it out, come summer or winter.


Vivat fina vina vinoteka – We’re thrilled Vivat finally opened another shop downtown. Now we can more easily pick up a great bottle as a last minute gift (it’s open till 8 pm on Saturdays!); something not to embarrass ourselves at a party or even a serious wine tasting event. It is home to many great Croatian wines, but has a great selection of foreign labels. Both refined connoisseurs and beginners will find something for their taste at fair prices. Regular wine tastings and presentations make it a great place for becoming friends with wine. There is also a big array of other gourmet products such as olive oil, vinegar, chocolate, if you need to impress someone with a cool gift.

Pinklec delicija – This is something like a small deli supermarket, much needed in this neighborhood. Apart from the usual deli contents like cheeses, charcuterie products, chocolates and sweets, various condiments, jams and the like, both Croatian and international, what makes Pinklec so special is a very pleasing selection of great beers from around the world, many of them from craft breweries. The selection changes throughout the year, and often you can find some special deals or discounts.

Divas cafe bar – MOVED to Vlaška 62! They don’t get much cooler than this, Zagreb cafes. A combination of vintage memorabilia and furniture with artistic intervention makes it the hipster Mecca. Even if art isn’t your THING, it’ll feel pleasant to be surrounded with many pieces by (young) Croatian artist. Fine tea, fine coffee, great liqueurs, some wine by the glass, all there to complement the uniqueness of the interior. A terrace with a carpet, made with old crates and lined with vintage curtains… You get it. It’s cool. AND they have cakes.

Flowershop La Marco right next to Divas is just plain beautiful. Not your usual flower shop, so if you need something simple yet special, they’ll be able to help. No further explanation needed.

Booksa – Zagreb’s first bookstore/coffeehouse that’s been like a public living room to all of Zagreb’s free-spirited folks; intellectuals, artists, writers and students of all kind. Lectures, book presentations, literary festivals, workshops, performances, the first pub quiz in the city, you name it. Above all, cozy and open-minded atmosphere.

Mak na konac – CLOSED Find Petra’s delicacies in bistro Xato, Petrinjska 2. Cute, small and extraordinary cake shop managed by one of the best Croatian pastry chefs, Petra Jelenić. Unfortunately, they don’t serve cakes there, so you can “only” take them home. That makes sense as they are overwhelmed with orders as it is. The prices are not low, but the product is superb. The desserts are pretty, creative and made with only the best ingredients. Their trademark cake “Mak na konac” is a delicious combination of poppy seeds, marzipan and raspberries! Makes us drool as we write this…


Kantarion – Now, this is a brave and ground-breaking venture – a shop with Croatian-only organic cosmetics (plus some honey, oils, teas and herbs), mostly from small producers and family-owned businesses whose products can’t be found anywhere else. Just walking into this shop and smelling it will lift your spirits on a gloomy day.

Farmers market Kvatrić is one of Zagreb’s best markets with a great selection of vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat produce from all over Croatia. If you get there early enough you’ll be rewarded with special products made or collected in small quantities only, such as mushrooms, wild berries and plants, herbs or homemade foods. You need to know your people, but once you’ve detected them, you and your family will be supplied with the best possible stuff. Goat cheese, Slavonian sausages, raw milk, flour from the old mill, wild strawberries, organic eggs, aromatic herbs, hot peppers; observe how the seasons change at Kvatrić Plac.

Lada Radin

Veterinarka i znanstvenica u duši, istraživačica i putnik po prirodi. Povremeno piše, vrtlari, fotografira i pleše po stolovima (što već dugo nije). U stalnoj potrazi za novim okusima i mirisima.
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