Decision to abandon the old-fashioned decor of a traditional coastal Croatian konoba and go toward more elegant and cozy tones was a welcoming move. This family-owned restaurant enjoys fame for decades among locals who were always coming to Lanterna to enjoy in simply prepared fish and seafood, always super fresh as the owners are very good connected with local fisherman.

Actually, the freshness is the main flavor in their cooking style. Nothing is overcooked or masked with too much garlic, salt or rancid olive oil as it is often the case in many tourist trap fish restaurants on the Adriatic. The cooking may be simple, but not banal or just lazy one, actually to achieve such clean flavors one must be an experienced chef.


In Lanterna you won’t find frozen snapper from South Africa or squids from Patagonia. Their philosophy is sea-to-table and I say hail to that! Not to mention they are the only one in Istria who serve creme brulée (crema catalana) and a good one.


  • Regija: Istra i Kvarner
  • Mjesto: Pješčana Uvala
  • Adresa: Pješčana uvala V/1
  • Ambijent: Modern, Romantic
  • Cjenovni rang: reasonable
  • Prijatelj vina: Da
  • Vegetarijanska ponuda: Da
  • Ljubimci dopušteni: Da
  • Prikladno za obitelji: Da
Datum zadnje posjete: 10.02.2018.

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