La Grisa

On a quiet summer evening, while we were enchanted by the mysterious medieval atmosphere of Bale town walls, the sounds of cutlery attracted our attention and made us turn in a narrow passage. There we have found a small yard, surrounded by cleverly renovated stone houses, turned into an intimately lit terrace of a restaurant. Last spring this complex of historic buildings was turned into a boutique hotel and restaurant La Grisa.

And what is the food like? La Grisa is a textbook example of how chef and sommelier can work together and build the concept of a restaurant that, due to its affordable prices, high-quality service and food, remains open even out of the summer season. Chef made traditional konoba dishes much lighter by stripping them down to one clearly defined flavor (usually a delicate and refined one) that he puts in the foreground. That way he has made life easier for the sommelier who can have more wines to play with.


  • Regija: Istra i Kvarner
  • Mjesto: Bale
  • Adresa: La Grisa 23
  • Ambijent: rustikalan, romantičan, boemski
  • Preporučamo za: večeru
  • Cjenovni rang: skupo
  • Prijatelj vina: Da
  • Vegetarijanska ponuda: Da
  • Ljubimci dopušteni: Da
  • Prikladno za obitelji: Da
Datum zadnje posjete: 10.02.2013.

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