Wine & Food Station Trapan

Postmodern architecture, concrete walls, funky billboards and photos on the walls, furniture in Scandinavian minimalist style, all this modern stuff is cleverly put together to create a nostalgic feeling of traveling that only a train station can create. Only here the wine takes the role of a steam locomotive.

Start your trip with Ruby rose, a blend of syrah, merlot, teran and cabernet, beautiful in its simplicity, dry but fruity, icy crisp and mineral as every good summer rose should be. Then pass on to his workhorse, Malvasia Ponente, which will seduce you with its mouthwatering minerals and a relative absence of bitterness so common in Istrian Malvasia. Continue with Uroboros, surely Bruno’s best wine, a blend of Malvasia and Chardonnay, a very complex and captivating wine. Finish with his reds – Terra Mare or Revolution…


  • Regija: Istra i Kvarner
  • Mjesto: Šišan
  • Adresa: Giordano Dobran bb
  • Ambijent: moderan, za wine geekove
  • Usluge: kušanje vina, kušanje vina s hranom
  • Cjenik kušanja: više od 10 €
  • Nenajavljena posjeta: samo za manje grupe
  • Mogućnost kupovine: Da
  • Cjenovni rang: ekonomično
Datum zadnje posjete: 10.02.2018.

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