Graševina is the most common of all grape varieties planted in Croatia. This white is widely found in Central Croatia, Slavonia and Baranja, where it’s at its best, although its origins are tracked to Central Europe. Some call it Welschriesling, but it’s more accurate to use the Croatian name Graševina, as it’s almost like an indigenous varietal nowadays. It’s a dry, unoaked, refreshing wine with characteristic floral and fruit aromas, strong acidity and minerality. Graševina is often used to produce superb late harvest, TBA and ice wines.

The grape was originally a riesling of some sort and it has been grown in the region of Kutjevo at the foot of mount Krndija since 1200. Renown Kutjevo wine cellar was built by the Cistercians in 1232 and parts of it are still in use. There are many famous winegrowers residing in Kutjevo, like Krauthaker, Enjingi, Adžić, Jakobović, Lukačević, Baronica, Bodegrajac, Majetić, Mihalj, Ivanović, Hora, Čamak, Miličević, Mijatović, Šag, Pavičić and many others, so if you decide to go wine tasting, you will need at least a week to go through them all.


Morana Zibar

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