Emblematic ancient Istrian red grape variety since ever praised for its healing and invigorating properties. The wine is dry, not very alcoholic, with a thick violet colour, with floral aromas, high extract and exceptionally strong acidic backbone that makes it not an easy-to-drink wine. Either you love or you hate Teran. Excellent companion to Istrian cheese and pršut (dry-cured ham), but also heavy meat-based dishes like žgvacet. It’s the main ingredient of the famous Istarska supa.


Iva Novosel

She sailed away from the island and took a safe harbor inland. Still likes bura and the salt. Cooks for five, eats, drinks, writes, takes notes of everything that comes her way. Always behind and never in front of the camera, she travels in search for new stories, fine people and unforgettable experiences.