Vina Laguna

Unlike so many family-run and small, boutique wineries scattered around Istria, Vina Laguna is a big fish, part of the biggest corporation in Croatia. In this case, that’s not necessarily a disadvantage. On the contrary, Vina Laguna has raised the standards in recent years and started taking wine business seriously, aiming to have both constant quality and quantity. Their line-up today covers all the basic stuff Istria has to offer, often excellent value for money: from indigenous and international wine varieties to olive oils and cheese.

Festigia label stands for some really good fruity reds, their entry level Laguna Malvazija is light, herbal and refreshing, the Istrian answer to New Zealand Sauvignons, while dessert wines Muškat žuti and Muškat ruža gently caress the palate and invoke pure happiness. Vina Laguna’s ambitious, enthusiastic team will surely be a good and knowledgeable host. We recommend to book a scenic bike ride through their beautiful vineyards and olive groves, both located near Funtana.


  • Region: istra-i-kvarner
  • City: Poreč
  • Address: Mate Vlašića 34
  • Ambience: Modern
  • Services: Tastings with snacks, Tastings with food pairings, Vineyard walk, Multilingual
  • Basic tasting price: 6 – 10 €
  • Drop in tastings: Yes
  • Large groups: Yes
  • Onsite shop: Yes
  • Hectares: 600
  • Bottles: 2500000
  • Other products: Olive oil, Various produce
Last visited: 12. Feb 2018.

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