Every Istrian winemaker will agree, Giorgio Clai is the most passionate winemaker on the peninsula, whose wines can be found in top restaurants of New York and San Francisco. “I’m making wine in the vineyard, not in the winery!” he will proudly tell you and continue with the story how it is important to know each vine in the vineyard because, depending on its position, you need to prune it differently.

Giorgio follows the principles of biodynamic viticulture, so his wines are made from organic grapes without the addition of selected yeasts and with minimum amount of sulphur. Wines from white grape varieties are produced in a traditional manner, leaving the skins in contact with the must during the fermentation. In that way only indigenous yeasts are contributing to the aroma and flavour of a particular wine (so called “orange” or skin-contact wine), leaving a strong imprint of the terroir. All his wines have the beauty of a masterpiece that is hard to describe but very easy to drink, even if they are high in alcohol.


You can taste Sv. Jakov made from pure Istrian Malvasia, white blend Ottocento bijelo and red blend Ottocento crno. If you are lucky enough, you will taste Brombonero directly from the barrell – a big red made from Refošk grapes only when the vintage is superb. Call him in advance and beg that he takes you to the vineyards (max 6-8 people).


  • Region: Istra i Kvarner
  • City: Krasica
  • Address: Brajki 104
  • Ambience: boemski, netaknuta priroda, za wine geekove, panorama
  • Services: kušanje vina, kušanje vina s hranom, obilazak vinograda
  • Basic tasting price: više od 10 €
  • Drop in tastings: ne
  • Onsite shop: Yes
  • Other products: rakije, maslinovo ulje
Last visited: 21. Mar 2018.

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