San Benedetto

San Benedetto is one of the restaurants currently participating in a local promotion making the most of the seafood that is now in season. It offers special inexpensive menus featuring mussels, clams and scallops served in imaginative ways every March.

After an initial aperitif, my companions started with a seafood salad, whilst I started with the grilled shellfish, an ample plate of different types of mussels, clams and scallops. This was washed down with the excellent house malvazija. This was followed, in their case, by a risotto of fresh shellfish and in mine with more of the same in a savoury fish sauce over bavette, a type of pasta.

The quality and freshness were excellent. When I’d booked, the owner had been worried that some recent stormy weather might have meant he wouldn’t have any mussels. We finished with a lemon and lavender kolač followed by coffee. A very enjoyable evening on a Saturday in February. Recommended!


  • Region: istra-i-kvarner
  • City: Novigrad
  • Address: Dajla 35
  • Ambience: Rustic
  • Good for: Marenda, Lunch, Dinner
  • Price range: economic
  • Pet friendly: Yes
  • Family friendly: Yes
Last visited: 12. Feb 2018.

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