Situated on the southern slopes of the Mirna Valley, 12 hectares of vineyards thrive under sapient care of Rossi family whose winemaking tradition goes back to 1885 when their great-great-grandfather bought his first vineyard. Marino and his wife Ines both have degree in enology but they emphasize how empirical insights they got from Marino’s father Federico were priceless. Even today this healthy 84-years-old Istrian continues to transfer his knowledge and passion for this locale to his grandson Luka who gradually takes over the winery. Only heavy rain can stop grandfather Federico to go to work in the vineyards planted on peculiar terrain where red, white and grey soils are intertwined.

Rossis don’t fear the modern technology, either. Faculty of Agriculture from Zagreb has put a high-tech meteorological station in one vineyard, capable of forecasting attack of various vine diseases few days in advance. This allows them to treat the vines only when necessary and to use only the minimum amount of treatments, mostly with copper and sulphur based products. Their current production needs about 50,000 bottles a year.


Beside their wine cellar sits large area with a traditionally built copper alembic distiller that produces 15,000 bottles of the finest grape-based pomace rakija in whole Croatia. Producing outstanding rakija is a craft requiring multiple cycles of distillation and a lot of experience, Marino explains, but stellar quality by itself is not enough to succeed on the market. Only when they redesigned the bottle labels that followed trends in international spirits packaging, their rakijas conquered mini bars of boutique hotels in Croatia. Some witty people nicknamed Rossi’s biska, rakija aromatized with mistletoe leaves, liquid Viagra. The most sophisticated palates will enjoy their Muscat grappa that won many Grand Prix at the annual rakija contest in Hum.

  • Region: Istra i Kvarner
  • City: Vižinada
  • Address: Bajkini 16
  • Ambience: rustikalan, panorama
  • Services: kušanje vina, kušanje vina s hranom, obilazak vinograda
  • Basic tasting price: 6 – 10 €
  • Drop in tastings: samo za manje grupe
  • Large groups: Yes
  • Onsite shop: Yes
  • Hectares: 12
  • Bottles: 50000
  • Other products: rakije
Last visited: 20. Mar 2018.

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