In the 17th century many stancijas, isolated farms managed by a family co-ops, were founded all along southern and western Istria. These were “stations” for independent farming of the best produce the land could offer. In other words, each stancija had a complete food sovereignty and was even selling its produce in the nearby towns of Rovinj and Pula.

It is nice to see that Stancija Meneghetti follows this long-lost tradition by choosing not to be just another luxury holiday villa for clientele with deep pockets, but also a place where wine and gourmet tourist are warmly welcomed, a place that give birth to outstanding extra virgin olive oils and stellar wines. Like their famous Bordeaux blend Crno (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) that many Croatian vinos consider as the best red in Istria or white blend Bijelo (Chardonnay and White Pinot) that also follows international stylistic.


  • Region: istra-i-kvarner
  • City: Bale
  • Address: Stancija Meneghetti 1
  • Ambience: Modern, Pure nature, Wine geek
  • Services: Tastings with snacks, Tastings with food pairings, Vineyard walk, Multilingual
  • Basic tasting price: More than 10 €
  • Drop in tastings: Yes
  • Onsite shop: Yes
  • Hectares: 11
  • Bottles: 80000
  • Other products: Olive oil
Last visited: 11. Feb 2018.

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