Konoba Morgan

The refined atmosphere of Morgan is a few notches above that of a classic Istrian konoba, but the restraint shown in the kitchen by chef and owner Ana Morgan lets the simple elegance of regional dishes shine as they would in an unassuming local tavern. Wild game and domestic fowl bred by the family take center stage in the menu’s theme, with the robust hunter’s soup setting an understated example of humble respect paid to locally sourced ingredients.

There are also ravioli stuffed with cockerel, an assortment of vegetables pickled in house, seasonal delicacies and an extensive wine list that keep Morgan the happy, bustling establishment that it is, and the spectacular view from the terrace of hills blanketed with vineyards probably helps too. The carefully chosen wine list offers vintages from not only Istria, but also neighboring Slovenia and Italy.



  • Region: Istra i Kvarner
  • City: Brtonigla
  • Address: Bracanija 1
  • Ambience: Rustikalno, Romantično, Wine geek, Panoramski
  • Good for: Ručak, Večera
  • Price range: skupo
  • Wine friendly: Yes
  • Pet friendly: Yes
  • Family friendly: Yes
Last visited: 18. Feb 2018.

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