A Natural Wine Take on Škrlet

Škrlet is an indigenous white grape variety typical for Moslavina region in the continental Croatia. Since recently, after a few small producers have seriously raised the quality, Škrlet wines are becoming more and more popular as a refreshing summer drink for a budget price, with more or less no real aging potential. But then came Ivan Kosovec, who decided to treat Škrlet somewhat differently, using organic viticulture, low yields per vine, ripe fruits and minimalist approach in the cellar.

He really made a boom among wine geeks with his unfiltered, partially macerated Škrlet Selekcija label. It’s a roller coaster ride for your palate. Their regular Škrlet is also an excellent choice, but don’t underestimate the reds – Zweigelt, Frankovka and Pinot Noir.

  • Region: Središnja Hrvatska
  • City: Popovača
  • Address: Juraja Ćuka 74
  • Organic: Yes
Last visited: 11. Feb 2018.

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