Vilin šapat

Explaining to people how to get to a place which barely exists on Google maps can be difficult. But, that’s one of the reasons why it’s so unique.

If you haven’t read “Priče iz davnina” fairy tales by I. B. Mažuranić, it’s time to visit the first library or bookstore as soon as possible. “Vilin šapat” (Fairy’s whisper), the name of this farm, is a tale from that book, a place where nature shows its forgotten playfulness, where Kečizube (Slavic mythology forest creatures) can still make good fun of you, and where you have a chance to be visited at night by Tintilinić.

Tatjana is an agricultural engineer, who worked in Osijek in civil service for many years and fell in love with organic agriculture through various projects. She always wanted to buy a plot of land, leave urban life and follow her vision. And Slavko is a guy from Kutjevo; that says a lot from the start. Passionate honey producer, organic wine lover and enthusiastic hiker on Papuk Mountain slopes…. And yeah, a hell of a workaholic.

Natural honey, medical herbs, fruits, and vegetables are pure as they can be.

Tatjana and Slavko renewed a house in Markovac Požeski, an old and almost abandoned village on Papuk. Their goal is to bring the best produce from Papuk slopes to people. Natural honey, medical herbs, fruits, and vegetables are pure as they can be. Native way of life and educating others (schools, kindergartens, etc.) about the importance of sustainable farming and organic production is a vision what Tatjana and Slavko share.

Great variety of herbaceous species on Papuk and meadows untouched by pesticides resulted in more than 20 herbal products and natural honey from their bees. From sturdy oak and wild cherry honey to the light and aromatic rose juice, flavors from their goodies radiate with pure forest spirit.

Vilin šapat is a place with the potential to be a getaway from the hectic city life whether you’re alone or with family. Tatjana and Slavko are planning to build houses for accommodation and whole-day program including horse riding, Papuk sightseeing, traditional food preparation, etc. Until then; you’re invited to Vilin šapat to taste their produce and enjoy the peaceful and idyllic atmosphere.

Mihael Tomić

He hitchhiked all over Croatia, been chased by the dogs, squatted all over, following the bands he liked. When he is not designing or coding, he's probably cooking/eating/drinking or writing about it.
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