OPG Komparić

What could be a typical Croatian breakfast on the Adriatic coast? I suggest palačinke (similar to French pancakes) with fig jam. Family farm OPG Komparić from Pula produce it only from the fruits coming from their own fig trees that grow near picturesque village Marčana on the east Istrian coast. Fruit content is more than 80 percent! Enjoy the plain one or spiced jam with a touch of tangerines, cinnamon or ground almonds. The most curious one is with sage, full of Mediterranean sunny aromas that will surely lift up your mood in the most depressive month of the year.

Check out also their excellent and non-filtered extra virgin olive oils made from Leccino, Bjelica and Buža olive varietals.

Lada Radin

Veterinarka i znanstvenica u duši, istraživačica i putnik po prirodi. Povremeno piše, vrtlari, fotografira i pleše po stolovima (što već dugo nije). U stalnoj potrazi za novim okusima i mirisima.
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