Consider yourself lucky if you manage to visit this Plešivica’s flagship winery for a tasting with Tomica Tomac or his wife Martina. Tomac family is very busy in their vineyards and cellar, so not much time is left for hosting curious visitors. But that’s OK, because they make some truly special and magnificent wines, especially the ones aged in amphorae. Tomac sparkling wines and Rieslings are definitively No. 1 and their Pinot noir is among the best in Croatia. More important, the family is very down-to-earth, hard-working, friendly and simply lovable.

Photos by eNOgAStrObRUtaL.

  • Regija: Središnja Hrvatska
  • Mjesto: Jastrebarsko
  • Adresa: Donja Reka 5
Datum zadnje posjete: 18.02.2018.

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Voštinić Klasnić



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