Just half an hour by car from Zagreb, the capital city, you’ll find yourself in Plešivica, green and hilly wine country looking like a postcard. All three generations of Šember family live off land and for wine. They’ve been on the market for 20 years, but they’re still like the dark horse of Plešivica region. Keep an eye on their award-winning Rhine Riesling and Chardonnay, refreshing sparkling wines, complex Pinot noir… As they are always on the move and experimenting, soon you can expect a special line of their barrel aged wines as well as the ones made in amphorae. Their Portugizac, seasonal young wine, is probably the best I’ve ever tried.

An evening spent wine tasting and nibbling at homemade cheese and sausages at Šember cellar can be even better if accompanied by grandma Šember’s strudels – order in advance!



Šember winery is included in Plešivica wine tour organised by Zagrebites, our very own touring experience.
If you are interested in fresh, local and traditional food or you want to taste wines of Zagreb surrounding regions on the spot and meet the winemakers contact Morana and Lada.

  • Regija: Središnja Hrvatska
  • Mjesto: Jastrebarsko
  • Adresa: Donji Pavlovčani 11b
  • Ambijent: rustikalan, za wine geekove
  • Usluge: kušanje vina, kušanje vina s hranom
  • Nenajavljena posjeta: samo za manje grupe
  • Velike grupe: Da
  • Mogućnost kupovine: Da
Datum zadnje posjete: 18.02.2018.

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Voštinić Klasnić
Graberje Ivaničko

Voštinić Klasnić



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