Prvi restoran u središnjoj Dalmaciji koji ima Michelin zvjezdicu!

“So, is the new Dalmatian cusine a good description of Rudi’s cooking? Not quite, although he celebrates highly local produce, wine and olive oil. His neighbor Vesna Bibić does that, too, but while she uses the toolset of molecular cuisine, Rudi prefers technically simple dishes that will be more approachable and easier to understand for general public. His culinary techniques have little to do with the traditional way of cooking in Dalmatia, although the feeling in the stomach is the same. To explain that feeling more, let me tell you that cooking for Dalmatian grandmothers who have been cooking their entire life can be tough. They don’t care about the dish presentation, they just want taste, simplicity and the “feel good” in your stomach hours after you have finished eating. They would prefer a simple fish soup with a sip of good olive oil, gregada or a succulent brodet to gratinated scallops or grilled lobster. I believe Rudi’s dishes, especially the ones that have to be eaten by spoon, would satisfy any Dalmatian grandmother, and in that sense it is the new Dalmatian cusine. Don’t get us wrong, his cooking will equally satisfy a sophisticated palate of well-travelled gourmet globetrotter.”

  • Regija: Dalmacija
  • Mjesto: Šibenik
  • Adresa: Jurja Dalmatinca 1
  • Ambijent: romantičan, boemski, panorama
  • Preporučamo za: ručak, večeru
  • Cjenovni rang: skupo
  • Prijatelj vina: Da
  • Vegetarijanska ponuda: Da
  • Prikladno za obitelji: Da
Datum zadnje posjete: 02.03.2018.

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