La štruk

Štrukli is the no. 1 traditional dish in Zagreb and north-western Croatia, we all know that already. A couple of yeas ago, you could try decent štrukli only in upscale national restaurants or in scarce good-quality farm restaurants in the countryside around Zagreb. La štruk turned everything upside down. They opened what’s basically a cozy and modern fast food place in the very centre of Zagreb, specialized in štrukli and offering nothing but štrukli. The filo dough is hand-made, done traditionally, and the recipe is true to tradition. Regular štrukli are really very good here, as good as a granny in Zagorje would make them. But they also decided to upgrade the tradition, and add a creative touch to this sacred old dish. So you have štrukli with blueberries, walnuts, nettle, paprika, depending on the season. While fundamentalists may be shocked, it’s quite refreshing to see many faces of štrukli, as long as the basic ingredients and preparation are authentic.

  • Regija: Središnja Hrvatska
  • Mjesto: Zagreb
  • Adresa: Skalinska ulica 5
Datum zadnje posjete: 05.02.2018.

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