Krčma kod Ruže

Ruža is bringing the experience of authentic Slavonian and Baranja cuisine in the center of old town Tvrđa in Osijek. Its meals and decor are focused on traditional expression. The cuisine is standard for this area – fish stew, catfish stew, and fried river fish combined with grilled meat and game meat specialties.

Sterlet fish

It’s been a while since sterlet fish is back in Croatian restaurants – you can also find it here in season, I highly recommend it. You’ll see an exciting wine list from local wineries and even some vintage (ice) wines. Ruža is suitable for large parties or romantic dinners with great food and live traditional folk and gypsy music.

  • Regija: Slavonija i Baranja
  • Mjesto: Osijek
  • Adresa: Ul. Franje Kuhača 25
  • Ambijent: rustikalan, boemski
  • Preporučamo za: večeru
  • Cjenovni rang: umjereno
Datum zadnje posjete: 18.04.2018.

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