Gabreku 1929.

Meat, mushrooms and pancakes galore

As the name suggests, Gabreku has been standing here since 1929. It’s always been regarded as a reliable family-style restaurant where you go to eat hearty meat-based dishes and classics from local tradition which haven’t changed much over the years. The setting is nothing romantic or fancy, but pleasant and simple, at least a level up from the average rural restaurant.

The present-day owner is a passionate mushroom picker and you can see that on the menu. Seasonal dishes, daily soups and Sunday roasts are your best bet. Last time we skipped the starters and enjoyed some roast veal with potatoes, along with baby boar steak with homemade gnocchi and cranberry sauce, as suggested by a very cooperative but discrete waiter. Everything was prepared properly and finger lickin’ good. And there was no more room for one of Gabreku’s legendary big fat pancakes, which they prepare in 40 different ways.

Don’t come here expecting culinary creativity or modern flair. And don’t pay too much attention to ambience (usually nobody does, they’re too focused on their plates and the place is bustling with people). But you won’t ever leave Gabreku hungry and you’ll probably be pretty satisfied.

  • Regija: Središnja Hrvatska
  • Mjesto: Samobor
  • Adresa: Starogradska ulica 46
  • Ambijent: rustikalan
  • Preporučamo za: ručak
  • Prikladno za obitelji: Da
Datum zadnje posjete: 28.03.2018.

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