Basically, brandy. Strong alcoholic drink (around 40%) made with almost anything, national drink in many countries in Southeast Europe. The most popular flavours of this spirit are plum and pear in continental Croatia, made from fermented and distilled fruit, and ‘lozovača’ along the coast, made from distilled grapes, with addition of various herbs. Lozovača is the basis for all other Dalmatian brandies, and most common flavours include carob, fig, walnuts, myrtle, cherry. In Istria they have a special rakija made with mistletoe called ‘biska’, and honey brandy ‘medica’ is also popular. Be careful when locals invite you to a toast with rakija – it’s quite powerful and binge-drinking with it leads only to troubles 🙂 If consumed moderately, rakija is considered medicine, so give it a try.

Morana Zibar

Smaller than on TV. Her life consists of translating, writing, eating, drinking and being smart on pub quizzes. She hopes to transfer this passion on to her daughter.