Experienced winemaker Đordano Peršurić didn’t take the line of least resistance. When everybody around him was making simple whites and reds, he decided to prove that Istrians could make sparkling wines from their local varietals, which would be just as good as their Italian counterparts. The beginnings in the early 1990s were tough and unpredictable, but today he can be more than satisfied.

Misal is the leading brand among Croatian sparkling wines, keeping steady quality and high standards. Đordano can finally relax and let his young and enthusiastic daughters Ana and Katarina take over the family business.


Their line includes six wines, to satisfy all needs and occasions. From classic extra bruts to funky pink and red versions. Their seventh sparkling wine called Misal Istra, made exclusively from Malvasia Istriana, will soon be on the way to conquer the bubble-loving world!


  • Region: Istra i Kvarner
  • City: Višnjan
  • Address: Pršurići 5
  • Ambience: Rustikalno, Romantično
  • Services: Kušanje vina, Kušanje vina i hrane
  • Basic tasting price: 6 – 10 €
  • Drop in tastings: Ne
  • Onsite shop: Yes
  • Hectares: 5
  • Bottles: 40000
Last visited: 13. Feb 2018.

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