The new Kozlović winery, opened in late 2011, is a must-visit not only for every wine enthusiast, but also for anyone interested to see a beautiful example of marriage between modern architecture and nature. At first glance, it is a building following contemporary trends, whose front is dominated by a black steel mesh reminiscent of a bird’s nest. When you go inside, you will realise it is only one third of the building, as the rest is carefully camouflaged by soil, on which indigenous vegetation is planted. In this way the pristine beauty of Vale, a narrow valley overlooked by 1000-year-old Momjan citadel, was successfully preserved.

The new winery was designed by Franko Kozlović, the winemaker himself, a man who knows how to make wines for very different palates.


For example, if you are a wine sceptic who prefers a funky fruit cocktail and simply cannot stand the harshness and/or acidity of many wines, just try Kozlović Momjanski Muškat. This semi-sweet wine made from Muscat grapes indigenous to Momjan area will put you on track to become a passionate wine drinker. On the other hand, if you are a sophisticated wine connoisseur, who adores carefully aged wine showing outstanding complexity and elegance, the wine that puts winemaker’s expertise to the ultimate test? Then taste Kozlović’s St. Lucia, a seductive, Rhone-style white aged in big oak, or more rebellious (maybe also more food-friendly) Malvazija Akacija, aged in acacia barriques.


  • Region: Istria and Kvarner
  • City: Momjan
  • Address: Vale 78
  • Ambience: Modern, Wine geek, Panoramic
  • Services: Tastings with snacks, Tastings with food pairings, Multilingual
  • Basic tasting price: More than 10 €
  • Drop in tastings: Yes
  • Large groups: Yes
  • Onsite shop: Yes
  • Other products: Rakijas, Olive oil
Last visited: 11. Feb 2018.

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