Brothers Čučković: Meet the Meat Masters!

We met brothers Čučković on Facebook. We just had to fall in love with what they were doing, cause it was so obvious they are in love with their job, that is, being a butcher. But, they are so much more! Check out their philosophy in this short talk we had, you’ll wish they were your friends and their butcher shop was in your town!

1. You two always wanted to be butchers, or did it just happen by accident? (Are you brothers?)
Our parents are the same, but we don’t look alike. One chops with his left arm, the other one with the right one… but yes, we’re brothers. Our father is a top-notch butcher and charcuterie expert, so he transferred the love to us.

2. What makes a good butcher?
A sharp knife, a strong hand, gentle heart, strong nerves, and a love for the tasty stuff.

3. You are aware that people are often afraid in front of a butcher? Some feel that they’ll either be cheated, or make fools of themselves.
Well, yeah, the man with a blood stained white coat holding a knife does inspire a certain amount of respect… No, we tend to maintain friendly relationships with our customers. We try to give them advice, and improve the image of the profession. Don’t be afraid of butchers, people!

4. Where does good meat grow in Croatia? Is it possible to find free range meat in these areas?
Of course, you just need to look hard for smaller, family-operated farms. These are the places where animals are raised in conditions that satisfy their natural needs. By buying the meat from such farmers we try to help them fight the invasion of low quality imported meat.

5. While we’re on the subject, why do Croatians eat low quality meat?
We just think the crisis did its thing, and people really have no choice. So, the answer to that should be sought at St. Mark’s Square (the seat of government).

6. Do you eat meat every day?
Of course not. We eat everything that swims, flies and grows from the ground.

7. What is your favorite piece of meat and why?
Dejan: I just can’t decide, I love it all!
Danijel: Tripe. It’s the only thing I could eat for lunch, dinner, brunch…

8. What is the most underestimated piece of meat?
Head and offal. You can make great dishes with it.

9. Are there things you would like to offer in your butcher shop but don’t have access to in Croatia?
Sure! But we live in a conservative environment where people hesitate to change their dietary habits, and it would probably be destined to fail. We wish to change that though. The world is full of wonderful delicacies!

10. Give us a super simple recipe to prepare at home.
You just need a board and a sharp knife, leave the rest to the Brothers Čučković!

We love you!

Čučković brothers Facebook page


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