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Hello, I'm Tribidrag (Crljenak, Zinfandel, Primitivo...)

January 27, 2017
Tribidrag is an old and almost forgotten indigenous Croatian wine grape variety, which has been undergoing a revival in recent years, thanks to Zinfandel’s reputation, a grape variety that has attained a cult status in the United States. As the third most widespread wine grape variety,...

The Adriatic Pantry in Singapore

By: GastroLada
August 25, 2016
The masterminds behind the great idea of The Adriatic Pantry are Zoran Svetličić from Croatia and his wife Belle Shafer, who both live in Singapore. Through consulting their friends and relatives as well as the Taste of Croatia team, they have hand picked local Croatian gourmet products that they wanted to...

The Filo Dough Legend

By: Andrea Pisac
December 18, 2014
People travel for new experiences. And new experiences travel best through the tummy. No wonder the first thing you want to sample in a new country is its authentic cuisine. By the way, have you checked Taste of Croatia’s section on Things to try? Croatia’s most widespread culinary item i...

Za riblje sutra!

By: GastroLada
September 27, 2016
 Kao upozorenje na ovaj veliki problem WWF Adria je u okviru projekta #FishForwardEU jučer u zagrebačkom Art parku okupila poznate street art umjetnike koji su svojim „ribljim“ grafitima oduševili posjetitelje. Za ugrožene riblje vrste u Art Parku jučer su se borili Lav od Trnj...

Poziv na WineOS radionce

By: Foodara
November 24, 2016
Podsjećamo vas kako će se treće izdanje festivala vina, delicija i ugodnog življenja WineOS održati 9. i 10. prosinca u najužem središtu Osijeka, u prostorima Esseker centra. WineOS će i ove godine okupiti najvažnije vinare s istoka Hrvatske, a međunarodni karakter opravdat će gosti iz susjednih drž...

Pelegrini: Rudolf Štefan's Mediterranean Breviary

By: Goran Zgrablić
July 03, 2015
Croatia desperately lacks author’s cuisine restaurants. Those that are a destination worth travelling to, those that don’t just satisfy your taste buds but also rewire your neurons like a good book, film or any remarkable piece of art, those that will surprise you with something new every time ...

Street Food Is Dead, Long Live the Street Food

By: Foodara
November 17, 2015
When you think of street food, you probably imagine an awesome (level Asian) street vendor in a remote village who has Mortal Combat cooking skills and Anthony Bourdain sitting in front of him. And your presumption is (mostly) correct. But, let’s move from Asia to Central Europe, more precisely - ...

Eat & Drink surrounded by Croatian design

By: Gurwoman
September 28, 2015
Croatian design superstore was recently opened in the very centre of the town, Martićeva street which totally makes sense as it is the most hipster street in Zagreb.  It's a showcase store to present and sell various products made by young & successful Croatian designers; from clo...

Pannon flavours - cross-border gastro routes

By: Foodara
May 20, 2015
To connect two gastronomical destinations of Croatia and Hungary through cross-border cooperation is a win-win for both sides, and of course for us – foodies and wine lovers. Pannon Flavours project is development of cross-border gastronomy routes in the Pannonian Basin. The overall objective of t...

Otvorene prijave za 6. DALMACIJA WINE EXPO!

By: DalmacijaWineExpo
February 13, 2015
Prijave za vodeći enogastro sajam Dalmacije  za vinare, uljare i proizvođače delicija otvorene su do 21.3.2015. Dalmacija Wine Expo 2015. održat će se 24. i 25.04. 2015. godine u Splitu - hotel Radisson Blu te 01. i 02.05.2015. u Makarskoj.  I ove godine to je nova prilika za promo...

Viva la Craft Beer Revolution in Zagreb!

By: Miroslav Šuvak
July 02, 2014
I always wanted to write a post about craft breweries and craft beer in Croatia, but unfortunately, there wasn't anything to write about. Croatia is in the top 10 beer drinking countries in the world, but the beer which is being drunk here is not so exciting. This year the Croatian beer market wil...