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Vis Pt. 2: 'So much to do, so little time'

By: GastroLada
July 09, 2013
Time is relative on the island of Vis. Not just for the islanders. You quickly become drawn into that subtle trap of "not giving a damn" about the plans you made, the time of the day or month it is, or even coming home at any point. Who knows, you might even find "paradise lost"; the ...

WOW 3rd Birthday Bash and Awards Ceremony

By: Gurwoman
July 04, 2014
Women on Wine (WOW) association is not just a bunch of chirpy women who love sipping wine, as the name might suggest. They are true enthusiasts and connoisseurs, many of them successful professionals in the wine business. And they are probably the most agile, hyperactive organization we know when it comes ...

Discover a suitcase of various imaginative Croatian motifs

By: Sponsored post
July 05, 2014
Besides its rich history, natural diversity and modern tourist attractions, our country is also known as the homeland of ties, pens, world famous athletes, great food and hospitality. With the desire to make domestic and foreign tourists more aware of only a fraction of what Croatia has to offer, in its...

Restaurant Đuđa & Mate: Take Me To The River

By: John J. Goddard
June 18, 2012
Growing up near the Mississippi River - or any other clouded, brackish body of water - can give one a dismal view of eating freshwater fish. Generally speaking, it's unspoken law that the best thing you can do for the meal is to hide the true flavor of a fish that has spent its life wallowing in silt a...

Teška vinska artiljerija u Zagrebu

By: Foodara
February 24, 2014
Slavonija s hrvatskog istočnog vinskog fronta te regija Friuli sa sjeverozapadnog talijanskog, navrle su prošli tjedan u Klovićeve dvore u Zagrebu. Drugi Festival hrane i vina u u suradnji s Osječko-baranjskom županijom, RRA Slavonije i Baranje, talijanskom regijom Friuli Venezia Giulia počastio ...

Hum: Festival of homemade brandy

By: Gurwoman
October 26, 2011
Now this is surely my favourite drinking event ever! Croats are particularly proud of their brandy (rakija) making skills. Give us anything, we'll make a brandy out of it! In Istria, the most popular spirit is the indigenous "biska", mistletoe brandy. They even have their official biska ca...