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6 items every #foodlover should bring with them on a trip

By: GastroLada
July 04, 2017
You’re a traveller. You like your food, like your wine (and beer) and like to explore the world around you mostly by tasting it. Sometimes you’ll afford an all inclusive package and you won’t have to lift a finger on your vacation but most of the time you’ll rent a cute Airbnb aware...

Uz tešku vinsku artiljeriju predstavljen novi Bevandin chef

By: Petar Stojković/Conex
December 16, 2016
Svoj je novi jelovnik Tomljanović predstavio u srijedu, 14. prosinca 2016., na proslavi titule Najboljeg hrvatskog restorana i drugog najboljeg luksuznog hotela u Hrvatskoj. Vrhunska jadranska riba, dobavljena od domaćih ribara, pripremljena  u tzv. raw baru te ostale namirnice lokalnih obiteljsk...

The Hottest New Eats in Zagreb

By: GastroLada
June 07, 2014
Early summer in Zagreb smells of linden and chesnut trees in bloom. It's intoxicating, and will probably remind you of Zagreb for life. In May and June, all of Zagreb moves outdoors. Street fairs, concerts, performances, bars, terraces, everybody is outside because all that matters is out in the street...

Travarica: Put it in your belly

By: John J. Goddard
December 31, 2012
Rakija (rah-kee-yah) is the catch-all term for any kind of spirit distilled from fruit (and not just fruit) in Croatia, and it translates to ‘brandy’. Just as there’s apple brandy, plum brandy, berry brandy and so on, varieties distilled from different source materials take more specific ...