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Zagreb Craft Beer- Festival čiju reprizu željno iščekujemo

By: Gurwoman
December 05, 2017
Zagreb Craft Beer Festival u organizaciji Craft Rooma u svom prvom izdanju možda pati od nekakvih logističko-organizacijskih boljki, ali sve to pada u vodu kad se prisjetimo sjajnih piva koja smo imali  priliku kušati u SC-u. Zemlja partner bila je Velika Britanija, a  na Connexion Festiva...

Graševina: Hrvatska all-round igračica

By: Gurwoman
June 17, 2015
Graševina je za hrvatska vina ono što je Zagreb za Hrvatsku, moglo bi se reći. U ukupnom sortimentu hrvatskog vinogradarstva ta bijela sorta grožđa ima udio od otprilike 22%. Dakle, čak petinu stanovništva domaćih vinograda čini graševina. Ta masovnost više joj šte...

Eat & Drink surrounded by Croatian design

By: Gurwoman
September 28, 2015
Croatian design superstore was recently opened in the very centre of the town, Martićeva street which totally makes sense as it is the most hipster street in Zagreb.  It's a showcase store to present and sell various products made by young & successful Croatian designers; from clo...

Prigora - Putting Prigorje on Wine Map

By: Gurwoman
February 16, 2015
We love witnessing new beginnings, especially when it comes to wineries. And when the story is set in a tiny region not particularly known for its wine tradition, we can't be happier. Stretching somewhere between the southern slopes of Medvednica and Sava River, Prigorje is a small rural region, natura...

Lamb Days in Rivica

By: Gurwoman
March 17, 2015
From February 28 to April 6, Rivica restaurant in Njivice on the island of Krk combines two things that might seem incompatible to most people in Croatia: lamb and fine dining. Yes, Croats are crazy about lamb and this love relationship regularly boils down to mountains of roast lamb with young potatoes; s...

WOW 3rd Birthday Bash and Awards Ceremony

By: Gurwoman
July 04, 2014
Women on Wine (WOW) association is not just a bunch of chirpy women who love sipping wine, as the name might suggest. They are true enthusiasts and connoisseurs, many of them successful professionals in the wine business. And they are probably the most agile, hyperactive organization we know when it comes ...

Hum: Festival of homemade brandy

By: Gurwoman
October 26, 2011
Now this is surely my favourite drinking event ever! Croats are particularly proud of their brandy (rakija) making skills. Give us anything, we'll make a brandy out of it! In Istria, the most popular spirit is the indigenous "biska", mistletoe brandy. They even have their official biska ca...