Koliko god čudno zvučalo, ovo drevno piće iz Dalmacije mješavina je crnog vina i mlijeka (kravljeg ili kozjeg). Poznata i kao hmutica ili smutica, bila je lijek, ali i hladno osvježenje u ljetnim danima. Danas se u Vrgorcu prve subote u listopadu održava festival posvećen bikli.

As strange as it may sound, this ancient drink from Dalmatia is a mixture of young red wine and milk (cow’s or goat’s). Also known as hmutica or smutica, it was used as medicine, but also as cold refreshment in hot summer days. Nowadays there’s also a local festival in Vrgorac dedicated to bikla, taking place every first Saturday in October.

Photo by Vrgorac Tourist Board

Iva Novosel

She sailed away from the island and took a safe harbor inland. Still likes bura and the salt. Cooks for five, eats, drinks, writes, takes notes of everything that comes her way. Always behind and never in front of the camera, she travels in search for new stories, fine people and unforgettable experiences.
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