Autohtona pasmina istarskog goveda, koja je početkom 20. stoljeća bila na rubu izumiranja, no danas se vraća kao prvorazredno mesno i zaštićena lokalna delicija. Samo ga odabrani i certificirani restorani smiju posluživati.

Indigenous Istrian ox, at the brink of extinction at the end of the 20th century, but nowadays coming back to life as first-class meat and local delicacy. Only selected restaurants are allowed to serve it.

Iva Novosel

She sailed away from the island and took a safe harbor inland. Still likes bura and the salt. Cooks for five, eats, drinks, writes, takes notes of everything that comes her way. Always behind and never in front of the camera, she travels in search for new stories, fine people and unforgettable experiences.
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