Istrian pršut: Unique dry-cured ham delicacy

By: Gurwoman
June 02, 2014
Croatia boasts with its excellent pršut, or dry-cured ham, which falls into two main categories: Dalmatian and Istrian. Both are equally delicious, but each is specific as the production and the final product differ. And yes, the word pršut itself originates from the Italian language, but the...

Ode to sarma aka how to cure the hangover

By: GastroLada
June 02, 2014
These days there are loads of texts about curing hangover all over. Variations on this theme are incredible, from those which can piss you off (pharmaceutical propaganda) to those which can make you laugh (Food Republic). Not to go into details and analyze all those evil substances which cause hang...

Požega, Museum in a Pot

By: Foodara
June 08, 2014
Rainy days can be great. The opening of the exhibition called “Museum in a Pot” was our reason for driving to the easternmost town in Croatia, Ilok, last fall. Maja Žebčević-Matić, senior curator of the City Museum Požega, welcomed us full of positive energy, and it was her initiative...

Wine friendship cake: pairing Plavac Mali & desserts

By: Manjada & EnoGastroMama
July 24, 2014
In May of 2012 the Taste of Croatia team held a workshop at Dalmatia Wine Expo in Makarska, the most charming wine event in Croatia. We gave ourselves quite a culinary challenge by pairing strong, full bodied Plavac Mali wines with a dessert we designed especially for these feral beasts in the gl...