Konoba Mate

Konoba Mate in Pupnat is an essence of what “konoba” is and what it should be. A meeting point of friends, based on well prepared, honest local food, garnished with great music and merriment. A “konoba” needs to be run by a family that is deeply immersed in the life of the tavern, with a passion for what they’ll serve you. And in konoba Mate they certainly are.

The entire family is involved in various processes of preparation and foraging for food. From fishing to the vegetable garden, from salty to sweet. Lemonade, dried pomelo, homemade grappa, sour motar, basil, mint, all the cakes. It all comes from the workshop of Farac happy family, combined into wonderful and authentic tastes. Their energy and hospitality is felt in every meal you’ll for sure enjoy in the most relaxed atmosphere that can be characterized as modern island life.

  • City: Pupnat
  • Address: Pupnat 28
  • Vegetarian friendly: Yes
  • Family friendly: Yes
Last visited: 07. Jun 2017.

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