Pannon flavours - cross-border gastro routes

By: Foodara

To connect two gastronomical destinations of Croatia and Hungary through cross-border cooperation is a win-win for both sides, and of course for us – foodies and wine lovers.

Pannon Flavours project is development of cross-border gastronomy routes in the Pannonian Basin. The overall objective of the project is to create a unique, cross-border tourism attraction, by establishing a 100 km long gastronomy route based on the traditional and well-known wines and foods of the border area. Along the routes guests will enjoy the best of traditional local wine and food experiences. Services will range from high-end gastronomy kitchens (at hotels) to the breakfast tables of the small-scale rural pensions, and the special experiences of open farms and historical castles.

From high-end gastronomy to the small-scale rural pensions

Along 100 km gastro routes there will be at least 200 attractions and a gastro-tourism info center in Croatia and Hungary. Tourists will have an opportunity to experience the most of the traditional local wine and food experiences. High-end cuisine, rural breakfasts at local producers, open farms and historical castles are some of the services on the route.

Three adventure routes

Active gastronomy – a route for everyone who likes excursions full of adventures. Cycle route along the Pecs – Osijek is an awesome way for sport-enthusiasts to discover the unique meals of Southern Baranja County and the regions along the border, made of special, local ingredients. 

The route of adventurous flavours - lodging houses in the forest will offer delicious dishes made from local game and ingredients produced within the area without additives or chemicals. In addition to food, they also offer numerous types of exciting programmes and educative workshops to be used in everyday life.

The flavours of nature route – you will be able to experience renewed and traditional meals, prepared using fruit, vegetable and meat ingredients, free from any type of chemical treatment. Taste the traditional meals recreated using methods of reform cuisine in a picturesque environment. In addition to the specialties of local producers and the breath taking landscapes, this route offers plenty of new experiences to those who wish to update their recipe books with new tips.

Wrap up
The project aim is to create financial and professional sustainability of the routes. The whole project is supported by The National Tourism Office (NTO) and the major NGOs active in tourism, which creates great synergy for a cooperation opportunity.

It will be a challenge for partners and project founders to maintain this big project, but we welcome an idea and determination to shake up gastronomical content on both sides od Danube.

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