BioBia EcoBuffet – soul buffet

By: foodara

Local, seasonal, natural and fair-trade. If this words caught your attention – visit BioBia EcoBuffet. A cool, hipster nature-friendly place with vegetable, fruit, flowers, herbs from their garden or pasture fields and meadows. In the heart of the Duna-Dráva National Park lies a Cserkut city, a place of unspoilt nature, which makes it an ideal base for mushrooms and herbs picking.

Fancy new wave dishes
Of course, only fair-trade coffee is served in the buffet. The beverage selection includes herbal teas, the home-made version of the fashionable ice tea, and surprising but delicious green juices – made even from nettle leaves. They provide fancy new wave dishes, including corn dodgers, wild garlic sandwiches, traditional spicy cottage cheese spread, forest salad with lesser celandine and forest salad with purslane. Needless to say, the Biobio crew ditched plastic cups, knives, forks etc. We would like to see more and more OPG’s and local farms using this sort of eco-friendly cutlery and dishes.

Environmental and cultural awareness

Flowers aren't just for watching :)

While in Cserkut you don’t have to eat and drink all the time, you can also explore the surrounding hills and city’s cultural sites – their early Christian cemetery is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. If you’re ready for something untypical, there is a possibility of spending the night in a barn with an old-school stove and books. 

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