WOW 3rd Birthday Bash and Awards Ceremony

By: Gurwoman

Women on Wine (WOW) association is not just a bunch of chirpy women who love sipping wine, as the name might suggest. They are true enthusiasts and connoisseurs, many of them successful professionals in the wine business. And they are probably the most agile, hyperactive organization we know when it comes to planning and hosting various events, tastings, trips and parties. We went to Zagreb's Balon restaurant for their 3rd brithday party and the traditional WOW best wines awards ceremony - selection of best wines in different categories, as voted by women. This year the jury consisting of three female sommeliers had a really tough job, and the final winners are...

White wine: Benvenuti malvazija 2012
Rose wine: Geržinić rosé 2012
Red wine: Coronica teran 2011
Sweet wine: Petrač Cabernet Sauvignon ice wine

Among them, the winner of  WOW GRAND PRIX is the modest Istrian maestro Moreno Coronica, who won a wine trip to Spain. The party was a great success, as always, lots of good food, music, high spirits and positive vibrations, and most important - we had the opportunity to try all the nominated wines, regionally and stylistically quite diverse, among them such gems as Baković Plavac Murvica or Antunović Silvanac zeleni. Definitely trust these women when it comes to wine recommendations. Happy birthday and thumbs up, girls!

WOW party 2014