Discover a suitcase of various imaginative Croatian motifs

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Besides its rich history, natural diversity and modern tourist attractions, our country is also known as the homeland of ties, pens, world famous athletes, great food and hospitality.

With the desire to make domestic and foreign tourists more aware of only a fraction of what Croatia has to offer, in its summer campaign of tastes, aromas, motifs and Croatian customs, MasterCard has packed a suitcase of cultural and gastronomic surprises and is treating us with an interesting and impressive story.

Idemo na kavu?

One of our dearest motifs is definitely the cup of coffee, along with the inescapable question: "Are we going for a coffee?" (Idemo na kavu?), incorporating our treasured daily ritual of socialising over a cup of coffee, and describing what really makes Croatian everyday life so special. 

Arancini i smokve

The motifs also include arancini – scented, candied bitter and sweet orange peels, the licitar –a colourfully decorated gingerbread cake, part of the Croatian cultural tradition and a traditional symbol of Zagreb, Slavonia national costumes and Slavonian ducats, lavender, figs, prosciutto, the Baška Tablet, red coral, the pleter – a Croatian ornamental braid, olive oil, the tie…  For the end we leave scallop, whose geometric form seems to have inspired ancient creators of some folk costumes all along the Adriatic coast.

Jakopova kapica

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