Best of both sides - Croatian-Hungarian culinary routes

By: Foodara

Sunny morning was an extra motive to get up on Sunday and spend a whole day with Siniša Kovač from Dekanter Association and Hungarian friends from Turizmus Zrt. The trip was a part of Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross Border Co-operation Programme. Turizmus Zrt is working on culinary routes in Croatian-Hungarian region of Baranja in order to focus the attention of locals and visitors to local producers and products.

The first stop was Kollar, a well-known winery in Suza. We got some interesting information about the winery and their winemaking process. Kollar winery has fourteen labels in production! From these fourteen we tasted white wines, but Cabernet sauvignon (gold medal at 47th Croatian Continental Wine Expo) has a great potential, it will be a great wine next year. Kollar presented us two archive wines - Gewürztraminer 2008 and Chardonnay 2008 Barrique - unique and strong wines, run to Suza to taste them while you can! All this was accompanied by their charcuterie. Excelent kulenova seka with game and pork meat is really something special.

 Kollar Winery Owner









We headed to Szederkény at Jókai Bisztró’s own plot, where they farm animals and grow plants themselves. The owner and a farm assistant talked about farming while guiding us over the plot. It's nice to see the beginnings of permaculture in the garden and great conditions for the animals.

Jokai Farm







There was only one way to end this journey - in Jókai Bisztró restaurant in Pecs. A four-course meal was prepared and presented by chef Petar. The first round was a cold appetizer - marinated trout on kefir and parsley foam. The tasty melt-in-the-mouth fish complements the sourness and freshness of the foam. A warm beef and vegetable soup made with the ingredients from the farm we visited warmed us for the main course - pork loin medallions with spring herbs and pea puree. Crispy young green salad and medium-cooked pork contrasted each other and provided a tastegasm in the mouth. Don't worry, the puree calmed the situation ;)

Jokai restaurant Pecs  









Dessert was the big finale - raspberry soup with milky risotto and savoury pistacchio ice cream. The sourness of the raspberries was gently soothed with the creamy risotto, and the ice cream added a crazy kick to all of it. Oh yeah, a slice of coconut on the top rounded off the whole dessert.

After all the food we went to Zsolnay Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt in Pécs to feast our eyes on beautiful porcelain. It's a must-visit place if you're in Pecs.