Lamb Days in Rivica

By: Gurwoman

From February 28 to April 6, Rivica restaurant in Njivice on the island of Krk combines two things that might seem incompatible to most people in Croatia: lamb and fine dining. Yes, Croats are crazy about lamb and this love relationship regularly boils down to mountains of roast lamb with young potatoes; some scallions&tomato on the side. It is definitely delicious done that way, but meat as exquisite as fresh baby lamb from Kvarner islands deserves something more. In Rivica they decided to add some creativity and haute cuisine approach to lamb, seizing the perfect moment of early lamb season and the arrival of spring.

Perfect starter - lamb carpaccio with 'skuta' (curd cheese)

Lamb Days offer a 7-course meal for true gourmands, using every bit of lamb, turning it into an amazing fine dining experience. You can choose less, but trust us, all the courses we tried are amazing and leave you yearning for more. Paired with excellent Krk wines - Žlahtina white and Sansigot red - you need nothing more, and at the end you don't feel so full and beaten like after an average roast lamb feast. We've tried all 7 in a few hours long feast, and were delighted by all, but for some dishes we'd come back from Zagreb to experience them all

Highlights of the Lamb days in Rivica include: 

Žvacet (thick lamb stew) with makaruni pasta

Lamb confit with turnip puree:

Just a perfect meal, one of the best meat dishes we have had in a long time.

Roast shoulder of lamb and ribs with young potatoes:

Now this is some fancy lamb presentation!

In case island of KRK is out of your reach, and you still crave JANJETINA we suggest you join newly formed "Klub ljubitelja janjetine" that holds it's regular meetings (read: dinners) in "Pod mirnim krovom" restaurant.