Samobor foodie tour

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What: Food & wine tour Where: Samobor and surroundings Group size: 2-4 Duration: whole day
Managed by: Morana Zibar +385 91 528 8723

Samobor is a charming little town just outside Zagreb, a favorite weekend getaway spot for city folks, with amazing surroundings especially attractive to hikers, anglers and hunters. It’s also a foodie wonderland because it’s the home of several unique Croatian culinary icons like Bermet dessert wine, kremšnita cake or muštarda aromatic mustard. If you love to discover new tastes and enjoy simple but delicious food with rich tradition, this is an ideal trip for you.

Beside the already mentioned specialties, on this tour you can also taste local treats like samoborska salama, samoborski kotlet, medenjak, sir i vrhnje…

THINGS-TO-TRY at Samobor foodie tour

Drinks-icon Bermet
Dairy-icon Sir i vrhnje
Sweets-icon Štrudla
Dairy-icon Rudarska greblica