Moslavina off-road wine tour

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What: Wine tour Where: Moslavina Group size: 2-4 Duration: whole day
Managed by: Morana Zibar +385 91 528 8723

Moslavina is a region southeast from Zagreb, full of picturesque small towns, family farms and amazing wildlife. In local vineyards everything revolves around the native white variety called Škrlet, a light and crisp dry wine with floral aromas. There are also the usual continental varieties typical for central Croatia: Graševina, Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, Furmint, Muscat, Pinot noir, Blaufraenkisch. We like to imagine Moslavina as the next dark horse on Croatian wine scene.

This adventurous tour is for curious wine enthusiasts seeking new experience off the beaten path, but also for those who love countryside peacefulness. Specialties you can taste on this tour include: Moslavina version of orange wines, especially Škrlet, homemade brandies (cherry, honey, peach, strawberry, cornelian cherry…), meso iz žbanje, sir i vrhnje, roast duck, gibanica, orehnjača.

THINGS-TO-TRY at Moslavina off-road wine tour

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