Intriguing Wines of Central Istria

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What: Wine tour Where: Central Istria Group size: 2-4 Duration: whole day
Managed by: Goran Zgrablic +385 95 855 1962

Be among the first to enjoy wines coming from the picturesque terroir of the Lake Butoniga region, wines that the World still have to discover. You’ll taste crisp, outstandingly mineral and complex wines that are brave and original like the people who make them – Dimitri Brečević, Dario Sirotić, Anton Grbac and Benvenuti brothers.

This adventurous tour is for curious wine enthusiasts seeking for new palate stimuli but also for those who love scenic landscapes, tamed hills and tranquility of countryside.

THINGS-TO-TRY at Intriguing Wines of Central Istria

Wine-icon Malvazija
Wine-icon Teran