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Vinarija Medea

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In 2010 Marko Krstačić and Ivana Perišić were appointed in the winery, now branded under name Medea, in their hands. These two young enologists recognized the value of 37-years-old Malvazija vineyard located on the Montiron locale where red soil is heavily interlaced with limestone structures. The results was Malvazija Montiron, a serious white wine that was immediately praised both by experts, restaurants owners and wine enthusiasts. It's my favorite wine to pair with baked dentex, "hobotnica ispod peke" (octopus baking bell) or crab risotto.


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Olive Oil
Sandi Chiavalon, one of the youngest and, we can freely say, most progressive and energetic Istrian olive makers, started following his dreams while he was practically in high school. His vision was to use the latest technology in order to get the best from olive trees his family traditionally grew. Since then, he planted numerous trees, and has been recognized as one of the best Croatian olive oil producers. His olive oils were among the first Croatian ones to enter the prestigious Flos Olei world olive oil guide, and also, the first one available worldwide. As for us, we feel there isn't a meal or an ingredient that won't taste better with Ex Albis Chiavalon olive oil! For realz! If you're around Vodnjan, be sure not to miss Sandi Chiavalon's wonderfully designed tasting room, where he'll be happy to tell you all you need to know about olives, production process and finally, the oil he is very proud of.

Eco Fig’o Ostojić

Dalmatia Dubrovnik
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Family Farms
Smokvenjak (or hib, locally) is an ancient Mediterranean cake dating back from the old days when there was no sugar or chocolate, and you had to look in nature around you when you had a sweet tooth attack. Basically, it’s minced dried figs formed in the shape of a sausage or a round cake, with only a bit of brandy, spices or ground almonds. It could last for weeks and weeks and usually it was enjoyed with a shot of home-made brandy. Family farm Ostojić wanted to add their own special touch to the traditional smokvenjak. Their brand based on organic figs is called Eco Fig’o and they produce two kinds: the exciting and spicy smokvenjak with a bit of pepper, and the deliciously sweet smokvenjak with orange and lemon. Find their products at numerous deli and souvenir shops around Croatia.

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